Vic Firth Corpsmaster® Brian Mason — Soft vibe – cord wound M84 Keyboard Mallet

$54.00 $34.83

Stock Number: UP-VFM84
Brand: Vic Firth
Model: Corpsmaster® Keyboard

Soft cord vibe mallet. Extremely full sound without a lot of attack. L = 16 1/2″ – Field tested and field proven, the superior designs of the Corpsmaster® line developed throughout years of collaboration with the world’s finest drum and bugle corps. Each season since the products were introduced, Corpsmaster® sticks and mallets have remained the most popular choice among the top high school bands, indoor percussion ensembles and DCI Championship corps. These mallets were designed to both maximize the resonant output of the keyboard and to offer an attractive, performance-enhancing mallet that provides a more “weighted” stroke. The marimba mallets feature large birch shafts which increase the mass of the entire mallet. This promotes a darker and richer sound and provides great balance with the large heads. The vibe mallets feature rattan shafts. Premium wool/acrylic blended yarn or acrylic cord produce warm sounds and provide durability.

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