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Traps Era Barry Collapsible Bass Drums with Cases, Rare / Circa 1919

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Brand: Barry


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Add these historic Barry bass drums to your vintage drum collection. Their unique design and workmanship deliver a striking appearance. Both drums have a well-balanced blend of warmth, sensitivity, and full-bodied depth with no sacrifice of tone due to the collapsible design. Original cases and instruction sheet are included.

QUALITY CONTROL: Both drums are complete and 100% functional – acoustical, structural and functional aspects have been inspected and tested by the consignment owner. Minor head repair has been done near the outer edge in three areas measuring about 1- 1.5 inches – (see closeup photos). Condition is very good. Straps for cases are not included.

Collapsibility: Twelve manganese-aluminum tension rods – with thumbscrews located at both ends of each rod –  simultaneously tension both heads from the front or back of the drum. For quick disassembly, the thumbscrews are loosened, the rods lift out of slotted lugs in the rims and the shell is then collapsed by rolling it up inside itself.

Unique design: The highly polished and finished sheet-aluminum shell consist of four sections. Hinges mounted to the shell’s inner wall connect to the sections together, except at one joint, where two sections can be disconnected and separated from one another.

Historical background on the Barry Drum Manufacturing Co. is limited. We do know that William A. Barry invented the collapsible bass drum and patented it on April 17, 1917. Barry started doing business in December of 1919, and – according to Bill Reamer, former proprietor of Drummers Service – continued up through at least the late 1930’s. (As a teenager, Reamer worked weekends with Barry, doing odd jobs at his retail store between the years of 1935 and 1938.) The original factory was located at 3426 Market Street, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Later, the manufacturing operations were moved to the company’s retail store, also on Market Street.

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