Toca TODJ Origins Wood Djembe Drum

$69.00 $49.95

Stock Number: MC-TODJ
Brand: Toca
Model: Toca Djembe Drums

This Toca TODJ Origins Wood Djembe Drum is carved from a single piece of environmentally-friendly plantation grown mahogany and is lathe turned for uniform thickness. The bowl interior features lathe grooves and rough-surfaced carvings to eliminate overtones. It has handcarved bearing edges and decorative exterior design, and features hand selected goatskin heads.

Available in African Mask (AM) or Celtic Knot (CK)

Available Sizes: 7″ Head x 12″ Tall, 8″ Head x 16″ Tall, 10″ Head x 20″ Tall, 12″ Head x 24″ Tall

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