Toca Freestyle Pre-Tuned 9″ African Doumbek Drum – SFMTDK-9AB

$110.00 $66.95

Stock Number: MA-TCSFMTDK-9AB
Brand: Toca
Model: Synergy Doumbeks

Here’s an African doumbek drum easy to carry to your next drum circle – it’s lightweight and durable. With 8 tuning screws you’ll get optimal tuning range from this Toca doumbek. Tuning wrench included.

Toca Freestyle Pre-Tuned Doumbek Drum Features:
1. Seamless all synthetic drum shell
2. High quality goat skin head
3. Lightweight & durable
4. 8 tuning screws for optimal range – tuning wrench included
5. Durable fiberglass rim w/round edges

Toca Freestyle Pre-tuned Doumbek Drum Specifications:
1. Size: 9″ head, 18″ tall
2. Color: Aztec cloth print on blue background

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