Toca Custom Series Steel Timbales 14″ & 15″ Set with Bell – T-216

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Stock Number: MA-TCT-216
Brand: Toca
Model: Custom Series

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Custom Series Toca timbale drums utilize a contemporary design with 6″ deep, 14′ & 15″ diameter shells. Mounted on a heavy-duty, double-braced Gibraltar stand, each Toca timbales  drum set includes an easy-to-assemble, no-slip cowbell mounting bracket and a contemporary Toca cowbell.

Toca Custom Series Timbales Features:
1.  Contemporary timbale drum design.
2.  6″ deep, 14″ & 15″ diameter shells.
3.  Heavy-duty Gibraltar Tripod Timbale drum stand.
4.  Toca Bongo cowbell.

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