Latin Percussion Udu Drum Claytone #4 – LP1400-C4

$171.00 $115.99

Stock Number: MA-LP1400-C4
Brand: Latin Percussion
Model: Udu® Claytone #4

LP Udu® Claytones are teardrop shaped drums available in four sizes. The smallest Claytone #1 produces high-pitched, cutting “soprano” sounds. The Claytone #2 gives a slightly fuller, more tenor sound than the #1. The Claytone #3 creates deep, powerful “baritone” sounds. The Claytone #4 is the largest and produces the deepest and “bassiest” sound of the four drums.

Each drum has a side hole in the body and a top hole in the neck for additional sound possibilities as well as textured surfaces for creating rubbing sounds. LP Udu® Drums are generally played in a seated position with the drum on the player’s lap, but they can also be played on a table top or floor using the included straw ring stands.

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