Latin Percussion Batá Drum – 5 .75″ and 9″ Heads – Medium/Omele/Itolele – LP491

$719.00 $469.00

Stock Number: MA-LP491
Brand: Latin Percussion
Model: LP Bata

Made of specially selected, kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak, the LP Batá Drum is gracefully tapered with increasing thickness to the smallest point for a great strong sounding drum. Each natural rawhide head has been carefully chosen for optimum sound quality, medium or omele/itolele heads measuring 5 3/4″ and 9″. Length is 22.75″. Traditionally ceremonial drums that are played in groups in a “call and answer” pattern, LP Batá Drums are the most precisely made batás available today. Tuning wrench, black nylon neck strap, and LP Lug Lube included. This is a special order item.

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