DW Gon Bops Timbero Series Mambo Cowbell – GBCPCBTMMAMB

$66.99 $40.19

Stock Number: DY-PB992MAMBO
Brand: DW Drum Workshop
Model: DW Gon Bops


Timbero cowbells are specifically designed for Salsa. Their Caliente red paint jobs are as fiery as their bright articulate sound. With a pitch range and sustain that falls between the Tumbao Series and the Alex Acuna Series, Timbero cowbells can be played together or combined with other Gon Bops cowbells to create new tonal possibilities.

Spice up a full percussion rig or add one to a timbale set-up for extra flavor, either way, Timbero bells will heat up the jam.

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