DW Drum Workshop Heel-less Single Bass Drum Pedal – DWCP5000ADH

$299.99 $179.99

Stock Number: DY-PA850ADH
Brand: DW Drum Workshop
Model: DW5000

Part of a full line of 5000 Series specialty DW bass drum pedals, the 5000 Heel-less drum pedal is a revolutionary design that offers drummers a low profile option that’s suited for both heel-up and heel-down players. It’s heel-less profile allows drums an uninhibited rocking motion that improves speed and makes for even, effortless double strokes on the bass drum.

Other features include aluminum hex shafts, pedal plates, and linkages, dual side adjusting hoop clamp, 101 two-way beater, and built in spurs. These pedals can be customized to fit the needs of any player.

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