DW Drum Workshop 2000 Bass Drum Double Pedal – DWCP2002

$299.99 $179.95

Stock Number: DY-PA8512002
Brand: DW Drum Workshop
Model: DW2000

The entry level line of DW bass drum pedals is designed for students, weekend warriors, and working drummers alike. Trademark DW all-metal construction and playability make this 2000 Series bass drum double pedal the perfect choice for bargain-savy drummers that want the features of a tried and true USA engineered pedal.

Features:101 2-Way Beater An industry standard beater with high-impact plastic and felt surfaces to cover a range of musical applications. Single Chain CamChain-and-sprocket design with offset cam for quick response. Single Post Casting design on DW’s double pedals provides ease of movement between the pedal and hi-hat, also allowing the pedals to be played independently or simultaneously. (U.S. Patent No. 5396826) Steel Base Plate Provides a sturdy foundation and insures nonskid play on carpet and other flooring surfaces play via adjustable spikes and Velcro.

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