A Zildjian 13″ Armand Hi Hat Cymbals

$544.00 $314.95

Stock Number: UP-A8004
Brand: Zildjian
Model: A Zildjian

These A Zildjian 13″ Armand Hi Hat Cymbals have a fast response and articulate hi hat sound with warm “chick” sound, versatile for almost any type of music. Based on the popular 19″ Armand “Beautiful Baby” Ride and the inimitable sound of the 60’s, the Armand Series is an excellent addition to the classic A Zildjian range of cymbals, offering their own distinct characteristics.

New shaping techniques create a slightly lower profile and help to offer a special warm and smooth blend of overtones. Lighter weight specifications promote a fast cymbal response with special lower pitched overtones without the loss of projection potential.

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