Drum Appraisals

Do you want to sell your drum set or snare drum but don’t know what it’s worth? Do you need a drum appraisal for insurance purposes? We can help.

Since 1987, Vintage Drum Center has been recognized worldwide as a leader in the vintage drum industry and as an authoritative source for pricing vintage drums, cymbals, hardware and accessories. Our Drum Appraisal Service provides you with the dollar amount you could reasonably expect to sell your vintage or used drum gear in today’s marketplace. Drum set appraisals include up to 5 drums, 5 cymbals and 5 pieces of hardware – please inquire if your kit has more than these amounts. Historical details are not included with our appraisal.

Brands We Appraise

  • Vintage & Newer Drums: Ludwig, Slingerland, Camco, Rogers, Gretsch, WFL, Leedy, Leedy & Ludwig, George Way, Walberg & Auge, Trixon, Sonor, Premier, Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, DW, and more.
  • Vintage & Newer Cymbals: A. Zildjian, K. Zildjian, Paiste, Sabian, Istanbul, Meinl and more.
  • Vintage & Newer Hardware: Ludwig, Slingerland, Leedy, Gretsch, Trixon, WFL, Camco, Rogers, Sonor, Premier, Gibraltar, Pearl, DW, Tama and more.

Don’t see your brand? Call us: 800-729-3111, 9-5 CST.

*Appraisal Fees

*PLEASE NOTE: Gear with inconsistency of identity, ambiguities, discrepancies, alterations or modifications per your photos and/or information, as well as omission of details or photographs needed for our proper assessment, may result in an additional fee depending on the quantity of extra evaluation time required by our appraiser.

    • $44.95 -Snare Drum Appraisal – Includes the market value of your snare drum.
    • $64.95 -Drum Set Appraisal #1 – Includes the  market value of your drums plus any original floor stands required for tom tom setup.
    • $79.95 -Drum Set Appraisal #2 – includes the market value of your drums, tom tom floor stands and a set of cymbals. Values for drums and cymbals are given as two separate groups. BONUS: 3 helpful tips on how to get a better selling price.
    • $79.95 -Drum Set Appraisal #3 – includes the  market value of your drums and hardware set. Values for drums and hardware are given as two separate groups. BONUS: 3 helpful tips on how to get a better selling price.
    • $99.95 -Drum Appraisal #4 – includes the market value of your drums, cymbals, and hardware. Values for  drums, cymbals, and hardware are given as three separate groups. BONUS: 3 helpful tips on how to get a better selling price.
    •  $39.95 & up -Drum Parts & Accessories Itemized Appraisal #5
      Did you know there is a thriving vintage drum parts and accessories market? If you own any of this gear it could be worth more than you think. Depending on what you have the cost for an appraisal could be a smart and worthwhile investment. For a price quote please call or email.
    • $44.95 – Hardware Appraisal #6 – Includes the market price for a set of up to 5 pieces of hardware.
    • $44.95 – Cymbal Appraisal #7 – Includes the  market price for a set of up to 5 cymbals (hi hats are considered as one unit)

How to order an appraisal

Enter your information below and attach up to 5 digital photos (front and back views). Be sure to enter the four verification letters into the empty box, then click “submit.”
Call us toll-free to confirm receipt of your information and to arrange payment: 800-729-3111 or 641-693-8691.

Additional Details

PDF Document: VDC’s senior appraiser Ned Ingberman will review your information and assess the retail market value of your gear. After our assessment we’ll email you a PDF Appraisal Document.

Accuracy: Our appraisal report is accurate insofar only as the information and photos you provide represent the actual identity, authenticity, approximate age and condition of your vintage gear. We recommend that you inspect your gear before submitting the appraisal form.

Final Value: In the case of your disagreement with our market value assessment of your gear, with the exception of correcting a typographical error, no revision of the stated value will be made in your final appraisal document.

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