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A Toy Drum Set Can Benefit Your Toddler

Body Movement Is Good-
Did you know that movement is essential for a child’s physical, mental, sensory and perceptual development?
That is what researcher Linda Hartley wrote in her book “Wisdom Of The Body Moving”. In a way that no other
musical instrument can do, a toy drum set involves the total body of the child. Mini drums for a toddler enhance and develop hand-eye coordination and alternate hand and foot motion.

Starting at an Early Age – Research Studies Show…
•Learning to feel and express a steady beat markedly affects a child’s speech flow, motor tasks and other key developmental markers. That’s why toddlers have a lot to gain from a mini drum set.
•Learning to play drums at an early age when motor skills are developing is easier than when a child is older.
•Kids who learn musical instruments – especially from a young age – get better grades than kids who don’t.

It’s Fun and Exciting!
All children need to have fun and a healthy outlet for emotional and physical expression. A toy drum set gives them both. It also gives them a chance to engage in a mode of creativity and physical activity that television and computer games can’t offer. Our toy drum sets for toddlers are genuine musical instruments scaled down to fit a very small person. They’re made of wood and metal, not plastic, and are “real” enough to entice and excite a toddler.

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