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How to Choose the Right Drum Heads

With so many brands and models to choose from, selecting drum heads can be an overwhelming but fun task. There are some basic principles to follow to make it easier. First, decide if you want heads with a single- or double-ply construction. Single-ply drum heads offer more sustain and resonance than two-ply and are the most common choice for light to moderate volume acoustical players. For heavier playing and more head durability, double-ply is usually preferred.

Drum Tone
Coated or clear head choice is another important factor. Coated drum heads have a warmer tone and less ring than clear heads, which have more ring and a slightly brighter tone. A common choice for a snare drum head is the single-ply coated style. For the tom drum head the single- or double-ply are both commonly used. For the bass drum head (resonant side), many drummers prefer a coated or clear single-ply head.

Drum Options
With all of the variables that make up the sound of a drum, including shell construction, bearing edge shape, finding the best combination of drum heads can take time and patient experimentation. Try various configurations of heads.

Here are a few more tips
•Check your heads periodically to see if they’re stretched. Do this by removing the head from the drum to see if the mylar sags.
•Eventually, all heads need to be replaced. If your drums don’t sound as good as they used to, or if you have to tune more frequently, then it may be time to replace the heads
•Check out a book or DVD on drum tuning so you can get the best sound out of your drum heads.

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