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How to Choose Congas

Conga Sounds – Wood vs. Fiberglass
Wood conga drums have a richer, warmer and more authentic tone than fiberglass congas and are preferred by advanced and professional players. Fiberglass conga drums have a brighter more resonant tone than wood congas and are often used when greater volume and projection are needed. Less advanced percussionists find fiberglass congas easier to play than wood congas.

Conga Sizes
There are three main widths which determine the basic sound and pitch of a conga drum: the small high pitched quinto, the middle size medium pitched conga and the large low pitched tumbadora. Two additional sizes are available from LP – the very small requinto with a very high pitch and the extra large super-tumbadora with a very low pitch. If you’re planning to start out with playing only one conga drum the middle size is recommended since it’s the most versatile.

Traveling and Tuning
Wood congas are effected by changes in temperature and humidity and need to be tuned as the weather changes. Fiberglass Congas are not affected too much by weather changes and require less tuning than wood congas. They are more more scratch resistant and better for traveling. To protect your congas while you’re on the road always store them in good quality conga bags. Most conga percussion drum heads today are synthetic. For traveling they’re less likely to tear and require less frequent tuning.

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