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What’s So Good About Bongo Drums?

It’s no wonder why bongos are the most popular hand drum of them all. Bongo drums are easy to carry and highly versatile. The bongo has left its mark on so many styles of music with it’s distinction “pop” sound. Bongos come as a set of two and are attached to one another. They’re usually played in a sitting position held between the knees. The standard bongo width sizes are 7-1/4″ and 8-5/8″. Bongos are played with fingers and palms but sticks and brushes can also be used. For playing while standing or as part of a bigger drum set, bongo stands are used.

Wood And Fiberglass Bongos

Bongos are traditionally made from wood which gives them a warm, rich, woody tone. Some are also made of fiberglass, metal or acrylic which have a crisper, brighter tone and tend to project more than wood bongos. Heads also come in a choice of natural rawhide or synthetic material. With changes in weather rawhide heads need more frequent tuning than the more convenient synthetic heads.

Choosing The Right Bongos

In deciding what set of bongos are best for you, consider your budget, skill level, bongo style and sound, and the quality and durability you’ll need and want. Higher priced bongos are more comfortable to play, last longer and can be worth the extra investment.

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