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There are different types of Chinese gongs – here are 3 most popular:

•Chau – Of all China gongs the Chau type has the deepest tone, most power and longest sustain. When initially struck it has a rounded, mellow sound.
•Wind – Thinner and with a much shorter sustain than the Chau, the sound of the Wind gong is similar to the shimmering crash sounds of cymbals used by modern day drummers. When initially struck, it has a sharper sound than the Chau.
•Bao – This gong has a bell-like tone and is typically played by striking the small dome-shaped “nipple” at its center.

Some Factors That Determine The Sound Of A Gong

•Larger size China gongs have deeper pitch, longer sustain and more volume than smaller ones.
•The shape and thickness of a gong and the metal alloy it’s made of determine its overall tone and character.
•For best control of dynamics and tonal response use the correct size and type of mallet (striker). Mallets are included with all Chinese gongs we sell.
•By striking different areas on the surface of the gong, interesting and varying overtones can be produced.
•A gong must vibrate freely so that it’s sound resonates fully. Except for the cord , objects that make contact can reduce the resonance.

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