Sound Control for Kids Drum Sets

The harder your child strikes the cymbals and drums, the louder they are. If your child uses a lot of force when playing the drums, we recommend these two simple precautions to protect your child’s hearing:

  1. Foam Ear Plugs
    Foam ear plugs are the simplest and least expensive way to protect your child’s hearing from high volume levels. They can be purchased at most retail stores and found in the sleeping aides/medicines section.
  2. Easy Volume Control: Fiberfill & Tape
    MUTING DRUMS – Using the drum key, remove one drum head from each drum. Then partially fill each drum shell with fiberfill material which can be purchased at any fabric or craft store. Then reinstall the drum head. The amount of fiberfill used will determine the amount of volume that is reduced. You can experiment with different amounts until you find the desired amount.MUTING CYMBALS – Firmly place a small piece of clear packing tape or masking tape on the underside of each cymbal about 1″ from the edge of the cymbal. The amount of tape used will determine the amount of dampening effect on the cymbal. Duct tape is not recommended.

*NOTE: Too much muting could decrease your child’s enjoyment and interest in playing the drums, since muting alters the sound.