Gibraltar GPR1000 Single Bass Power House Cage

$1,000.00 $499.98

Stock Number: DY-PA351
Brand: Gibraltar
Model: GPR1000 Single Bass Power House Cage

Surrounds the drummer with a double tier rack on both sides and in front. The result is increased setup and suspension possibilities. Includes (6) 43.5″ horizontal bars; (4) 36″ vertical bars (two with 45″ leg support systems); (4) 30″ vertical bars; (12) GPRTC tube T-clamps; (4) GPREX extension clamps; (6) GPRMC multi-clamps; (16) GPRML memory clamps; two 4425B1 cymbal boom arms and two GPRLB leg braces. Will work with bass drums up to 24″ diameter.

This is a special order item.

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