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What To Know About Drum Hardware

Drum hardware is essential to make a drum set playable. It not only supports and holds together the drum parts and drum set, but it enables you also to make critical height and distance adjustments so that your drums, cymbals and body are just where you want them to be. Entry level and some intermediate drum sets include all basic drum hardware a drummer needs to get started: hi-hat stand, 1-2 cymbal stands, bass drum pedal, snare stand and a drum throne.

What To Consider Before You Buy

Stability of hardware – Depending on where you play you may need heavier drum hardware that can’t be knocked over easily.
Traveling – If you’re on the road a lot consider the ease of transporting lighter less bulky hardware compared to bulkier, heavier drum hardware. Also, to protect your gear, it’s a good idea to invest in a drum hardware bag.
Body size and weight – Physical comfort is important for a musician’s creativity to flow freely. Along with proper positioning of drum set hardware, a comfortable drum throne is essential. For heavier, larger drummers we suggest drum thrones with a wider, deeper cushion.
Final Decision – Base your final selection of drum hardware on a good balance of the points above and what your budget allows.

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