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Choose Your Cymbals Carefully

Cymbals, unlike drums, can’t be tuned with a key to change their pitch, nor do they have changeable parts to alter their sound. That’s why whether you’re a professional, intermediate or beginner choosing the right cymbal needs as much attentive care as choosing the right drum. The main types of cymbals are hi-hat, ride and crash and for accents and effects the splash and China have become quite popular. Each one of these play a different role in the drum set. Cymbal packs come in varying combinations.

Some Points About Sounds

•A smaller size has a higher pitch, shorter sustain, less volume and faster response than a larger size which has a lower pitch, more sustain, greater volume and slower response.
•Cast cymbals are made one at a time from poured, raw molten metal and then shaped, hammered and lathed. This process produces a cymbal with a complex and interesting mix of sounds preferred by semi-pro and pro drummers.
•Sheet cymbals are cut from large sheets of metal. This results in uniform thickness around the entire playing surface and reduced mix of overtones. They’re less expensive than the cast type.
•Brands made in Turkey as well as vintage Zildjian (1960’s and earlier) are known for their warmer, darker tone and higher mix of complex sounds. They’re usually medium thin to thin in weight and are preferred by many jazz and acoustical drummers.
•Rock drummers who need greater volume, cutting power and durability prefer medium to heavy weight models.

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